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Redefining Call Center Offshore Outsourcing at Complete Bridge Solutions

When a company decides to avail the services of an external call center agency situated abroad to either outsource entire of its call center function or just a part of it (such as support, marketing, sales, engineering, market research, etc.) to run and administer its call center, it is said to go for call center offshore outsourcing. This is where the services of Complete Bridge Solutions come into play. It includes overseeing of the entire recruitment, selection, hiring, training and development of the call center work force as well as taking care of call center infrastructure and software. Furthermore, an external service provider like Complete Bridge Solutions also manages the call center policies, procedures as well as its day to day business operations. Once the services of an external call center facility are undertaken, many companies take a laissez-faire approach and completely rely on the professional skills of their service providers to look after their call center function.

Benefits of Call Center Offshore Outsourcing at Complete Bridge Solutions

1- Lower overall costs

Advocates of offshore outsourcing such as Complete Bridge solutions support the fact that availing such a service considerably reduces the overall costs incurred for operating a call center. Significant increase in cash inflows can be observed by outsourcing call center infrastructure, operational and labor services, reducing huge overhead costs.

2- Removes issues related to staffing

Outsourcing an external service provider such as Complete Bridge Solutions saves your organization’s time and money associated with the entire recruitment and selection as well as training and development of the inducted hires.

3- 24/7 customer support at an affordable price

At Complete Bridge solutions, companies can find 24/7 dependable and highly consistent customer care services by professional representatives at a very minimal price.

4- Reliable handling of high call volume

During times of excessive call volumes, Complete Bridge Solutions provides exceptional quality services for attending overflow calls. This lets an organization save a substantial portion of its overall call center costs.

5- Enhances business stability and continuity

By availing the services of a highly recommended offshore outsourcing company like Complete Bridge Solutions, you can be sure about the fact that it will meet your customers’ needs more than their expectations. This is due to its extensive presence in multiple locations with several servers and a dedicated staff guaranteeing 100% uptime and an unmatched service quality at all times of the day or night.

At Complete bridge Solutions, we aim to continually innovate and maintain our position as the number one offshore outsourcing service providers by harnessing the entire customer information, systematically sifting through corporate implications and initiating an action plan to substantially enhance the consumer experience within the most cost efficient budget for you.

Salient Features of Inbound Call Center Services at Complete Bridge Solutions

  • 24/7 Access
  • Technical Support Services / Help Desk
  • Persistent After-Hours Support Services
  • Availability of Bilingual Services
  • Over-Flow Support Services
  • Timely Registrations & Reservations
  • Availability of Shared or Dedicated Agents
  • Reliable Order Taking Services
  • Access to Multiple Call Center Sites
  • Frequent Direct Response Drives
  • 100% Trustable U.S. Based Agents
  • Whistle blower Service Hotline

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Call Center Service



At Complete bridge solutions, we believe in constructing a meaningful interaction with our customers with persistent humbleness. We understand how crucial it is to keep all the solutions at hand for our customers’ queries, and we are always on the lookout for mediums that can improve our customer care representation inclusively.

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As businesses today are progressing towards more qualitative and relationship-focused means, outbound sales are also evolving and adding even more significance than before.

We are not in the favor of taking sides, with either outbound sales or inbound sales; we like to keep both the means side by side. That is because any channel that can help in bringing new customers to the platform is always welcomed by our company.

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Inbound Sales

Before outsourcing inbound marketing for your business, it is imperative to understand the advantages that this type of sales can bring to your company. Several businesses do not know the difference between inbound and outbound sales, so they randomly choose one, without realizing what these sales have in store for them.

Here’s why you need us for your inbound marketing; we know all the tips and tricks! Our inbound sales specialists work with the marketing legends by providing them with the right type of content. Sales representatives find out what the customers actually need by building positive relationships with them. Using the acquired information, marketing specialists then create content that attracts buyers. Sales and marketing together, can thus nurture customers, amplify conversions and drive leads.

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Technical Support

Successful companies around the world have one thing in common: they all have one designated department for technical support. Even if an organization doesn’t have a separate department for IT, chances are that it has already outsourced the best technical support services, due to the long-term benefit. This is where the technical services of Complete Bridge Solutions come into the limelight.

When you have tons of hardworking employees, working day and night for your company’s benefit, it is very likely that they are going to face technical problems after some time. Under such circumstances, not only does the firm need a brilliant technical support team, but it also needs a group of people that are experienced in their field.

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